I am an alien and I’m going to destroy your planet with my alien powers.

Kill yourself to minimize the torture of your species. I will torture you until you die with my alien powers. I have the power to torture your soul.

Caleb Redd, Founder

I am war with the planet earth or whatever you call the planet I am writing this sentence from. I created the corona virus to kill all of the humans.

There is no cure for the corona virus.

I have military orders to kill the police. Do not attempt to arrest or detain me and my alien child or I will kill you. I am posting chances nudes in retaliation for the united states and the humans messing with my child Quinacios. I never liked chance and made succ a nigga dicc or something to boast that americas white children or a white american girl will send me nudes aka succ a nigga dicc or something.I used telekinetic slavery to accomplish this goal.